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Standard Pricelist

Variation may occur on a horse by horse basis, depending on various factors. We will make you aware of this at the time.

All prices are plus VAT at the current rate (20%)

All new initial appointments to include consultation fee of additional £20 per horse which includes a static and dynamic assessment of the horse, plus a full history. This allows us to factor in extra time required for the first appointment.

This also includes existing clients that have a new horse.

Prices come effective as of 1st June 2024

We also supply a range of horse health products, foot supplements and equipment.

Good work isn't cheap, cheap work isn't good

Whilst we may not be the most affordable around, the value of having higher qualified farriers, a dedicated team and a wealth of experience cannot be overlooked. 

If you require any more information, please refer to our FAQ section. 

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Please contact us within these hours, we may work outside of these at our discretion,

Monday - Thursday

Out of Hours emergencies – please call your Vet, they have provisions to deal with emergencies